History of Pat’s Auto Centre and Radiator

Pat’s Auto Centre and Radiator is a family-owned business operated by Pat and Dan O’Brien and has been serving the Kingston area for 64 years.

Started by Pat O’Brien Sr. in 1959, and with the tools and knowledge handed down to them by their father, brothers Pat, Dan and Tim have been successful at expanding the business to include many other avenues that are vehicle-related, which includes becoming a BOSS snowplow distributor.

Many in the Kingston area may also recognize Pat and Dan through their stock car racing endeavors, another passion that was passed onto them by their father. Both have had great success in the racing arena and are very appreciative of the fan base they have gained over the years.


At Pat’s Rad, we don’t just sell radiators; we engineer exhilaration. With decades of hands-on experience in the automotive cooling sector, we’ve pioneered cutting-edge solutions in racing and performance radiators. Our extensive portfolio showcases a range of projects that redefine performance, from customized cooling systems for high-speed racing cars to robust and efficient radiators for off-road monsters. We’ve collaborated with elite racing teams, tuning companies, and individual enthusiasts, always delivering products that surpass expectations. When it comes to tackling the heat in high-stress, high-speed environments, Pat’s Rad is your go-to expert. Drive fast, run cool, and win big with Pat’s Rad.